what a week

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I for one and pretty excited about this weekend. Today, I am off work and I get to enjoy some nice beverages with Matt on the roof deck oft one of my favorite establishments! Tonight there will be fireworks after the National’s game and Saturday I get to see a few of my sisters. Over all the weekend is going to be jam packed with a lot of fun.

Holy cats! This is awesome! An Iranian women becomes the first ever to win “noble prize” of mathematics | IFL Science

50 states and 50 places to see their natural wonders– I want to go to all of these places |CNN

Sure it’s DC Restaurant week but don’t forget about Alexandria! ARW runs 8/15-8/24

These on my list as soon as Autumn gets here. Matt, get excited for these Apple Pie Pancakes | Jessica in the Kitchen

Looking fabulous while working out, check! I love my new clothes from fabletics, check them out! | fabletics

Treat Receipt ends on Sunday get it while it lasts! | Starbucks

Ride a train, change the world, AWESOME article | urbanful

These headphones (Sports Wireless+) are incredible little things. A huge shout out again to Sam Davidson & Jarba

The Greenland Shark, does he have anything to with mythical creature in Loch Ness? | Animal Planet, Jeremy Wade


Have a great weekend y’all! If the rain is coming your way Sunday, like it is for DC I hope your Sunday is filled with a good book, cuddling and a warm cup of tea!

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