it’s the only word to describe it

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Wisconsin is full of strange things, but here’s an article that was shared with me from a coworker about quirky and hardworking family business owners. The article from Slate tells you about Carl Corey and his family business. Corey began meeting family business owners while documenting Wisconsin bars for his book, Tavern League: Portraits of Wisconsin Bars. Inspired by the experience, Corey decided to seek out family businesses all over Wisconsin, from hardware stores to bakeries to organ builders. Corey’s new book, For Love and Money: Portraits of Wisconsin Family Businesses, comprises portraits of single families who’ve owned their business for at least 50 years.

After a coworker showed this to a fellow Wisconsinite and me, she decided to buy the book. I really excited to see it. In addition to her buying the book, she told us all of the places she has to check off her list…and let me tell you she’s doing a well!


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