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Macarons: The Next Cupcake Craze

Before visiting Olivia Macaron I never understood the hype. Macarons are awesome and this is the only macaron shop in the city so be sure to swing by and try all the flavors you can get your hands on! The cupcake craze is over, and the French macaron has taken its place, maybe next it will be miniature pies?

Macarons offer a perfect balance of flavor, size, texture and color. They are the perfect treat for an occasion. Come to Olivia Macaron for a taste. The flavors from Almond, Pistachio to Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate Bacon everything was to die for.

You must try a macaron at least once twice in your life. Remember that it is important to splurge on a good one. Everyone should experience this sweet treat! The crispy sweet exterior of the macaron gives a flaky tenderness to smooth meringue filling sandwiched between two little pillows of deliciousness. Remember, just because macarons are lighter dessert options doesn’t mean they don’t taste good.

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