equals social networks, what?

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As many of you know, my current employer blocks ALL websites that could be considered “fun” and “unproductive.” Anything from Facebook to Hootsuite to CNN videos, they’re all blocked. I understand the logic behind blocking social networking, but not the news, especially when people have TVs in their offices to watch the news. Isn’t it our job and civic duty to stay informed? I digress.

After complaining about our blocked sites to a co-worker the other day, she showed me this article from Forbes, Want To Be A More Productive Employee? Get on Social Networks. The article talks about not feeling guilty if you Tweet, Pin, Facebook or even use LinkedIn while you are on the clock because it will actually make you a more productive employee. Now only if I can get my company to unblock those websites…  Anyways, it’s a pretty interesting read, take a look.

The article poses these two questions, “Does your company use social media internally? Has your company tracked impact on employee productivity?” These are two very interesting questions, and I would love to know the answers to them. Forbes, can you create a poll on this? Personally, I would have no problem if my company tracks my level of productivity, but at least allow me to use some social media or my phone in the office.

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  1. So is there a difference between using Social Media Internally and using Internal Social Media?

    Some companies have their own internal social media ecosystems: IBM Notes Social Edition and Microsoft Lync come to mind. I believe that both of those are on the path to bridging with twitter, linkedIn and company.

    So one day we will probably have IT fuelled social media integrators…

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