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The Lenten season is upon us and thankfully, we’re given the freedom to choose what to give up for Lent each year. Although it would be interesting to see what others would have us give up, but that would be an entirely new blog post. Some people choose to give up a certain TV show or a particularly favorite dessert. For others, Twitter or that always faithful Diet Coke. During Lent, we are encouraged to sacrifice.

A little background for those of you who are unfamiliar with Lent. Starting Ash Wednesday (March 5th) to Easter Sunday – people will soon be discerning how this years 40 day penitential season will be impacting their lives. The season of Lent developed very early in Christian history as a period of preparatory fasting. People would refrain from certain meals and the eating of meat and cheese. They would often stick to a diet of raw fruits and vegetables throughout the 40-day season.

As you can see, Lent is about sacrifice and discipline.  Look at any successful person, the ones who have excelled in their fields, do so because of passion, endurance, and discipline. While each may exhibit unique styles and individual elements, their success ultimately runs parallel to their dedication to the defining disciplines of their field. Discipline, not individual freedom of choice, brings out the most success.

After telling my mom what I’m giving up this year, the snooze button and cheese (sorry about it, Wisconsin!), she informed me that cheese runs in our Wisconsin veins, but that is EXACTLY why I am giving it up. Lent is suppose to be about challenge, sacrifice, and discipline.  Like me, Ann Maire is going to participate in Lent. I asked her what she was giving up, and this is how she responded,

I’m not giving anything up…I’m going to try to find good in everyone I come across each day. It may not seem like a penance but each day we encounter difficult people and people we just plain don’t like so I’m going to try to see these people in a certain light and pass a smile on to them.

I admire her courage and determination to do this. This would be a huge challenge for me. If you are still looking for things to give up or take on this Lenten season, here are a few suggestions

-don’t sleep with pillows
-hot sauce
-no shoes
-don’t listen to music in the car, rather reflect on the beauty around us
-find the good in people, compliment one person every day
-don’t say no
-have a positive attitude

Sure, you have a few days left to prepare for the 40 days of Lent that are ahead of us, but remember you will encounter discipline along the way.

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