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I love giving myself challenges. I thrive on challenges. I like giving people challenges. A challenge gives you the brain capacity to think outside of the box. Having a new perspective is what we need every now and again. The other day, Matt was looking through his Instagram feed and someone posted a Photo Challenge for the month of December. Basically, it was a challenge to take a photo every day in the month of December focusing on whatever word or phrase was associated with that day. Matt told me about this insta challenge and I was already interested, as was he, but after we looked at more it, was uninteresting, ie, the words and phrases weren’t as creative. With a challenge on our minds, I came up with the idea to make Matt a list that he had to follow.

Matt accepted the challenge. The rules: take one photo based on the word or phrase, post on instagram. The list I gave him is below. Throughout this challenge, I told him that he has 30 days to do it, but the list isn’t associated with particular dates like it was in the last challenge. Sometimes as an artist you need flexible.

The list:

1. An ornament

2. Footprints in the snow

3. A wild animal

4. Love

5. A toast to the new year

6. A smile

7. Red and green

8. A Christmas tree in a different light (texture)

9. An antique

10. A barn

11. The wind

12. Icicles

13. Tradition

14. Cookies

15. Gifts

16. A warm embrace

17. Winter wonder land

18. Cold

19. Kindness

20. A hobby

21. The night

22. Day break

23. Your favorite holiday movie

24. Your favorite holiday memory

25. Champagne

26. Holiday texture

27. Your favorite building in Racine

28. A bow

29. Symbols of holiday tradition

30. A place filled with joy

Matt is six photos deep and he’s really going with this challenge. I appreciate that he is playing along and taking this challenge to heart. If you’re interested in the challenge or the photos he is taking, you can follow along on his Twitter OR on his Insta.

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