to JFK

fifty years after his assassination

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November 22 will never be the same for America. Fifty years ago on November 22 we lost President John F. Kennedy. November of 1963 marks when the stunned nation grieved and  millions conspiracy theories were born.

It was just after noon local time on Nov. 22, 1963, when the limousine carrying Kennedy entered Dealey Plaza in Dallas, its bubble top down so a smiling president, riding in the back seat with First lady Jackie Kennedy, could wave to an adoring crowd. A a World War II Navy hero and former U.S. senator from Massachusetts, was only 46 and not just three years into his first term as President.

Today, I was reading an interesting article from the USA Today about how the Assassination would have been different if it were to happen now, in the era of social media. During 1963 they had live around-the-clock TV coverage of big news. Take a peak to see how it would have played out on social media.

Today, we remember what a great man we lost. It was only fifty years ago, and our Nation grieved as we do again today.

Take a look at this as well. It’s an interesting take on how magazines flood newsstands with difference approaches to JFK, the assassination, the fifty year anniversary and how Americans are taking it.

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