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Maybe you’ve caught on, maybe you haven’t. November is a month of philanthropy and awesome opportunities. This is the second year where I’ve been trying to find awesome companies who I can support to further their awesomeness.  I am really invested in charity and philanthropy, especially when I see a good cause with an awesome outcome.

Everyone has heard of TOMS and their philanthropic gesture. Buy a pair, give a pair. I love that. It makes you feel so good about buying a new pair of shoes.

Have you heard of these other awesome companies: Teva and Odwalla.


Teva is all about causes. When I was in Germany, I bought my first pair of Tevas. They are beyond comfortable and I helped out the shoreline. What a great benefit when purchasing shoes. Teva’s motto is, for ever pair of shoes sold, we will clean a foot of shoreline. As they say: There’s a lot of talk these days about cause-related marketing and corporate outreach. It seems like every few months there is a new “it” cause out there, but at Teva, we’re a bit of an anomaly, because we’ve been supporting the same cause since our inception 25 years ago: clean water.


Odwalla, yes the juice, spreads so much goodness. As stated on their website: The Odwalla community includes those who fight cancer, plant trees, and build bridges. This morning, I choose to drink an Odwalla beverage over another because I was helping Haiti just by purchasing their juice over another. To help Haiti recover from its devastating 2010 earthquake, we donate 10 cents from every 12 oz. Mango Tango smoothie to the Haiti Hope Project. This 5-year initiative helps 25,000 Haitian farmers sustainably grow mangoes, creating more fruitful opportunities for their families and their country.


In my mind, November is the perfect month to search out opportunities where you get more bang for your buck. With the holidays right around the corner, people are always looking for that last way to make an impact. Your impact can be as simple as choosing one product over another because of their cause-related marketing and corporate outreach gimmicks. I am sure there are more stellar companies out there, I just haven’t found them yet. Please let me know who I am missing because I would love to explore new options and more opportunities.

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