one year later

you can still feel Hurricane Sandy’s impact

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It’s been one year since Hurricane Sandy struck. One year ago she left us with much destruction and the devastating impacts can still be witnesses.   Reconstruction is ongoing, With many disappointments, there is some good news which we can rejoice about, Ellis Island reopened today. As some artifacts are still in storage, the museum’s buildings and grounds were reopened to the public.

The air is filled with hope for all who have been effected by Sandy. One thing that we have learned is the damage is much greater than we originally thought and the rebuilding will continue to happen for a while.

A few articles about the aftermath and one year after Sandy:

One year after Sandy, we’ve gone from ‘Born to Run’ to ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ 

Superstorm Sandy Anniversary: One year later, thousands still not home

Hurricane Sandy’s Impact: Still Reeling After One Year

Ellis Island reopens one year after Sandy

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