government shutdown

what can we do?

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I leave for vacation and when I come back I hear the government has been shutdown. It looks like I won’t be leaving the country again for a very long time; this place can’t function without me (haha). With the weekend at our fingertips I have been thinking about what to do while the government is shutdown. DC is a stellar place for free activities, alas we cannot participate in those activities. The following are a few suggestions of what to do with the government is shutdown, mind you these activities you can participate in during the week and on the weekends. Enjoy!

Lincoln’s Summer Cottage

Personally, this is what I will be doing over the weekend. As a true lover of Abe and history this has been on my list of must-sees for a while. I am excited that the government shutdown has now given me a reason to make my way to Petworth to check out this awesome piece of history. Though admissions are a little pricey Abe is always worth it.

Check Out a New Neighborhood

I am a huge advocate of checking out new neighborhoods. After all living in DC makes me want to explore. I want to see what is going on and what is new. Get off at a different metro stop and walk around the area. Maybe you just do some window shopping, or walk into a new restaurant. You will be surprise by what you find! DC is changing and what’s a better way to see the changes?


Did you know there are government shutdown happy hours going on? I think that’s a little crazy, but whatever–go with it! After all when life gives you lemons! Specifically I would suggest hitting up ChurchKey right on 14th Street it is a sure option!

Walk DC’s Heritage Trails:

DC has heritage walks marked with information-rich placards that teach you about important buildings and the history of different neighborhoods. The Downtown Heritage Trail and Greater U Street Heritage Trail are available through a mobile app, while you can explore DC’s historically African-American neighborhoods through a series of walking tours as well. Getting away from the Mall is one of the best ways to demonstrate that the shutdown isn’t stopping you from enjoying  DC.  DC’s an interesting place and you will learn that through the heritage walks as they take you through neighborhoods and give you a chance to explore the city’s incredible architecture.

Check Out Museums That Are Open:

I know DC is awesome because of all the free museums, but as they are shut down maybe you can head to a private museums. Granted now you will have to pay admissions, it is still something to do and to check out while in DC.  The following museums you can check out: National Geographic Museum. The Corcoran Gallery. The Phillips Collection. The Newseum. The National Building Museum. The Art Museum of the Americas. The DAR Museum. The Folger Shakespeare Library. The Luther W. Brady Art Gallery. The Hillwood Estate. The Historical Society of Washington, DC. The Kreeger Museum. The Textile Museum. Tudor Place.

Visit Eastern Market And Union Market:

Maybe it’s cooking or maybe you just want to pass the time. Maybe you are interested in funky artwork or new jewelry. If you are intrigued by these things you must check out Eastern Market. The Eastern Market is a lovely  place to spend an afternoon. Another market work checking out is the Union Market. This reminds me a lot of the Public Market in Milwaukee (a little MKE love!). There are many options for sitting down and eating on the stop as well as light grocery shopping. Both markets are embedded in awesome neighborhoods–Eastern Market’s just off the Hill, and Union Market lies in between a series of warehouses.

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