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Matt asked me to write a guest blog about traveling. I couldn’t be happier to do so, because traveling is thrilling. The chance to travel, I will always jump at. I carry my passport and have the essentials on me at all times. If an opportunity rises where I could leave the country this moment, or get in a car and go—I would do it. I don’t want anything holding me back. If an adventure is involved, count me in.

With a huge international trip on my horizon and at my fingertips—this is a huge challenge for me to write about. The cursor is blinking at me, taunting me because nothing can keep me sane much longer. I need to get on that plane and I need to go. My production levels are plummeting, and I am sure that is evident to everyone, I digress.

Traveling, it’s one of the most thrilling things we have the opportunity to do as humans. Exploring and going on adventures are an incredible part of our lives. Traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.  Traveling makes you challenge yourself, and it pushes you to your limits. It gets you out of your comfort zone, and gives you perspective. Whether you are traveling for education, long lasting relationships, to see the sites, learn a language and/or taste food you’ve never dreamed of, you will have a new experience along the way.

The travel bug has always been with me. Ever since I was a kid I loved exploration and adventure, I would stay out late, read books and ask millions of questions. I was thirsty. Nothing seemed to help quench my thirst. I wanted more. I knew the only thing that could truly quench my thirst was discovery. I needed to discover things; it didn’t matter if it was a new cuisine, new people, architecture, or stories.

I love being submersed in a new culture. Being in a new place is totally different than seeing it in pictures, or learning about it. Just like you can read about ­­­___(fill in the blank here)__, or talk to people about it—it is far from the same as the experience. Once you experience it, it has a personal meaning and it changes you. It changes who you are. When you are hiking on The Great Smoky Mountains, dipping your toes in the Adriatic Sea, or standing in the Sistine Chapel, you are filled with wonder. You are filled with awe. The moment is absolutely captivating and it’s unexplainable. The moment gives you perspective on your place in the world. Sure, you feel infinitesimally small, yet at the very same time, you are an irreplaceable part of something so much greater than your ego (which is hard for me to grasp).

My friends, traveling isn’t always fun or easy, but it’s worth it. We spend 12 hours lost in the Louvre, countless dives at the Great Barrier Reef, and the view from the top of the Empire State Building is breathtaking—these are the moments that lost luggage, an overbooked hostel, a lost car reservation and a delayed flight are totally worth it. We travel because we need to, because the distance and difference are the secret tonic of creativity. When we get home, home is still the same (and it always will be). But something in our mind has been changed, and that changes everything.

I leave you with this, go at least once a year to a place you have never been before.

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