with autumn comes caramel apples

So this past week Matt has been sick, boo, what a bummer! Anyway, I kept asking him how he felt, if he was feeling better and so on. Finally one day he responds, yes I am eating my comfort food. Much to my surprise, I didn’t know men had comfort foods, or that they change with the season. I prodded this response. I told him my favorite comfort food was mashed potatoes (I think he thinks I’m a weird-o, oh well). He responded telling me his was caramel apples. Um excuse me? Yes, folks you read that right: caramel apples. Don’t you think that would hurt your throat eating a caramel apple when you are sick? This boy is beyond me, but folks he’s my boy so I will just let him have this one. Now after reading his guest blog about caramel apples, I kind of understand how it could be one’s comfort food, alas it will never be mine.
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and comfort foods

guest blog presented by: Matthew D. Shalbrack
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Everyone has their favorite food, their favorite snacks to munch on and their favorite beverage to have in-hand, but for me, I have a favorite comfort food that only comes out around Autumn, and that’s caramel apples.

Why you may ask? Because why not, I mean look at them, it’s an apple – healthy and delicious, but they’re also doused in gooey caramel and sometimes covered with nuts, sprinkles and other things. I mean, doesn’t that sound like a wonderful plethora of tastes for your taste buds and your tummy to take in? I think it does.

Each Autumn, I try to take in at least six of these delicious treats in order to hold me over until next year. Icaramel-apples spread them out between the beginning of the season to the end of the season so I don’t get sick of them. I try to have at least one of each kind – a plain caramel one, one with nuts and one with sprinkles/chocolate on it.

I remember going to apple orchards as a kid and that’s where I think my love for caramel apples began. We always used to take a field trip each school year to the orchard to pick apples, pumpkins, gourds, get our faces painted and wander around in the corn maze. We also took tractor rides and I always laughed when the horses and other animals went to the bathroom in the petting zoo. The first time I had a caramel apple, it was a homemade one and the caramel was still warm. I made a mess to say the least and I got more caramel on my face than I did in my mouth, but from that point on, I was hooked.

For me, there’s really a few basic things that I need for it to be delicious. It obviously can’t be an old apple – that goes without saying. But I need it to be a Granny Smith apple and it just needs to have caramel with it. I can dip it in the caramel myself if I need to, but it just needs have the apple part and the caramel part, which is obvious because it’s a caramel apple. I don’t need all of the glitz and the glam of the nuts/chocolate/sprinkles, just those two things. My reasoning for the Granny Smith apple is because the tartness of a caramel apple is really what a caramel apple is all about. The sweetness of the caramel mixed with the tartness of the apple is just a full-on collision on flavors on your palette.

Now that I’ve got your mouth watering, it’s okay to head to the nearest grocery or apple orchard to go grab some caramel apples. Tis the season to enjoy them – and you won’t regret it.

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