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the woes of washington metro area transit

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A little over a year and a half ago I moved to Washington, DC. When I made the move to the east coast, I told my parents it was unnecessary for me to being my car. (Sidebar, my car never would have made the 1,000 mile drive to DC either).

Every time I lived in DC before making the permanent move I interned in the summers. I never experienced a DC winter. I never experienced a fall or spring in DC.

I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of having a vehicle in a big city. Why would that be a necessity? Since being car free, I don’t have to worry about insurance, filling up a gas tank (mind you I drive an SUV and was always getting screwed out of $60 from a paycheck). Not having a car was going to be a good thing.

Now being in the city for almost two years, I’d love to have my car out here. This city is too small to stay here every weekend. I want to have the option to jump in my car, roll the windows down and belt out the lyrics to my favorite song. I want to have the option to drive to work (which I never would). I want to have the option to drive to the grocery store rather than going twice a week because I can only get as much as I can carry with me.

As the pros outweigh the cons of not having a car here, I continue to not have a car. It’s a challenge. Sure it’s hard at time, but I also think it makes things interesting. I know the bus system like the back of my hand, along with the metro. It’s fun to try new routes to get to a friend’s house or even to work.

Being car free hasn’t only done good for the environment, it’s also helped me to truly explore every inch of this city. If you plan on moving to DC or a big metropolitan city, I would suggest not bringing your car at first.

Give into try, maybe it’s for you…or maybe it’s not.

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