the greatest pump-up song, known to mankind

honestly, this post doesn’t need a lead in at all because I too think this is the greatest pump-up song of all time.
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with a little preview to the remix

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I grew up in the rolling hills of Central New York – Litchfield to be exact. It’s a farming community with a private country club, a stone quarry, and 1,513 residents (2010 census). In the middle of that beautiful countryside you will find the Lanterns; it’s your quintessential country bar that hosts snowmobile races, clam bakes, Old Milwaukee on tap (that’s a big deal in CNY), and more Jack Daniels than anywhere within a 50 mile radius. On a cold winters night in January 2013 my family decided to head on up for a little liquid propulsion – including my 86 year old Nana.

No, but seriously guys-- this is Nana before and after the song

No, but seriously guys– this is Nana before and after the song

Now the Lanterns does not “bump and grind,” if you will, like a DC hotspot – regardless of if there’s a DJ or not. Being the life of the party that I am, I decided to liven things up that evening and make a music request; I chose a song that I thought might get the crowd excited, but it was a gamble. The Remix to Ignition filled the unknowing air and in a matter of moments my fellow Litchfielders approached the dance floor as if a switch had been turned on. For 3 minutes and 6 seconds I saw small town that doesn’t even have a stoplight have more fun than you would see a pile of interns have on a Saturday night at the Madhatter. Folks that probably haven’t been on a dance floor since Friends in Low Places hit the charts, danced and grinded like teenagers. That night, I knew. I knew that R Kelly had created a musical masterpiece with the power to make a bar in the deepest hills of upstate New York go from cold to foggin windows up, from JD to Crystall poppin, and from a regular night to a freakin weekend night.

Since then, I’ve been firm in my belief that the Remix to Ignition (or Ignition (Remix) to be official) is the greatest pump up song, ever. Whenever I hear it, I’m 1) thinking about a great evening with friends and the next one to come; 2) getting ready for a great evening with friends; or 3) having a great evening with friends. You tell me: are there are any better words to get you and your closest comrades pumped up than, “It’s the freakin’ weekend I’m about to have me some fun?”

Have a fun weekend. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce…

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